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23 June 2007 @ 10:34 pm
Hello~!! First post ^^;

When I said I'd be making a welcome fic for this comm, I didn't expect it'd be written so late ^^;. Sorry~

Title: Staying Put
Rating: PG
Dedication: for dtn for successfully opening this comm; for roxal who is celebrating her birthday today/yesterday ^^.
Summary: Minami wished Doori would sometimes learn to stay put.

( What are you reprimanding me for? You don’t own the bus. )

Here are some old ones I've written a long time ago ^^;:

Title: Tears
Rating: G
Summary: Doori learned his own reason for shedding tears after a myu's last show.
( I'm not just a crybaby like you guys. )

Title: The Leading Man
Rating: PG
Summary: Aiba wanted someone to 'lead' Doori, only to find someone who was actually being 'led.'
( Doori was trying to keep himself from laughing and ended up in fits of giggles, nearly toppling off his seat. )

Title: Lights-Out
Rating: G
Summary: Doori fought against his fear of sleeping with the lights off.
( On this bed, it was warmer, and Doori felt a little comforted. )
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