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minadoori's Journal

Minami Keisuke x Sakurada Doori
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Dedicated to the relationship of Minami Keisuke and Sakurada Doori
Finally mod T_T;

w e l c o m e / i n f o
This community is dedicated to the pairing Minami Keisuke and Sakurada Doori (or Sakurada and Minami however you like to see it). They are the 3rd Seigaku cast Tezuka Kunimitsu and Echizen Ryoma actors from the Prince of Tennis musicals.

Please keep in mind this community is yaoi and RPS (Real Person Slash) friendly. If you are not a fan or don't know what that is, then do not even bother.
r u l e s / g u i d l i n e s
Please read before commenting and posting
⇒Stay on topic. Have your work centered around Minami and/or Sakurada.
⇒No flaming or bashing of any kind.
⇒Don't steal other people's works.
⇒All media or other idol material should be placed under a locked entry and make sure to credit your source.
⇒All large images (anything with a width over 300 px or multiple images) and long texts should be under an LJ cut.

⇒Label your entries with appropriate warnings and ratings if it's not worksafe, shounen ai/yaoi, etc.
And of course have fun here (^_^)o
l i n k s
Minami Keisuke : offical site | 『Dear my...』 blog ; syndicated 1 or 2 | lj community | fanlisting
Sakurada Doori : AMUSE profile | DORIBLOG ; syndicated | lj community | fanlisting
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